Judy Alto MA, CCHT

Certified Clinical Hypnotist in Las Vegas

My clients and colleagues describe me as trustworthy, intelligent, intuitive, and compassionate. I take pride in having integrity in a world where selling out and being competitive overrides common decency. We live fast paced lives and despite the need to slow down for contemplation, we are often too stressed out to care.

I’ve spent my life pursuing truth, following my dreams, and trusting my instincts. Being a hypnotherapist allows me to draw upon my education and life experiences to help others. Relating one on one with people who have experienced great suffering yet thrive to change and grow spiritually is very rewarding. Witnessing triumph of the human spirit, who could ask for a better job than that?

I hold a Masters degree in Applied Psychology from Antioch New England Graduate School in New Hampshire.

A graduate of Hypnotherapy Training Institute, I studied under Randal Churchill “The Teacher of the Teachers”™.

Member ACHE : American Council of Hypnotherapist Examiners


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Las Vegas, NV


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Phone: 702 888 1936
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